Partner Resources

Tools, guides and templates for Debtor Daddy partners.

Get trained & certified

How to get trained, certified and confident with Debtor Daddy software
Training overview

Learn about the training and certification process and what’s included.

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Register for training

Use this form to register your team for training and certification overview

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Onboarding and training your clients

How to advise, onboard, set up and train your clients
Onboarding template

Use this template to scope and onboard clients to your debtor management service.

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Workflow design guide

How to use workflows to achieve a consistent monthly credit control process.

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Promoting your credit control service

Tools and templates to help you price, package and promote Debtor Daddy to your clients and prospects
Quoting tool

Use this Google Spreadsheet to create quotes for your prospects. Click to view, then create a copy that you can use.

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Quoting template

Use this template to create a quote with several pricing options, then send to a prospect via email.

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Newsletter template

Use this template to inform your clients about your new debtor management service.

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Partner Resources Locked Version was last modified: June 23rd, 2021 by Lucy Pink
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