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Build relationships, boost your cashflow

Setting the right expectations is key to winning new clients and retaining them long term. From quote to delivery, invoice to payment, every touch point matters – you’re either building trust or eroding it.

With Debtor Daddy on your team an overdue account becomes an opportunity to strengthen a relationship and firm up the foundation for future work. After all it’s often how you handle tension in a relationship (like an unpaid invoice) that shows whether you’re in it for the long haul or just a quick buck.

That’s why agencies choose Debtor Daddy – because we serve up a unique ‘collections cocktail’ with a mix of empathy and witty banter plus a dash of assertiveness.

Our team are so good we’ve even had late payers say they’ll miss our friendly follow-up calls after settling their account. Of course you can also expect your cash to flow in faster and more predictably – making funding your next hire or office party a breeze!

Improve cashflow

  • Reduce the amount of cash ‘locked up’ in your invoices.
  • Gain confidence and know-how for handling old or “difficult” debtors.

Save time / money

  • Save time and money through increased efficiency and automation.
  • Spend more time hitting home runs for your clients.

Keep clients happy

  • Resolve problems and disputes sooner – increase client happiness.
  • Never mix sales and collections activities again, keep client relationships sweet.

Keep your team happy

  • Free your team from the drudge of chasing late payment.
  • Equip them with the tools & training to do a better job in a fraction of the time.

“Easy to use and love all the customisation options to make the whole process suit our business model. Debtor Daddy has made our process so much easier and effective. Their team is great and easy to work with and always quick to respond to any enquiries. Would highly recommend!”- Lucia Kux, Mint Design
“We started using Debtor Daddy late last year and have halved our average debtor days. We are saving four hours a week on average not having to chase the debts ourselves. A must have for every business.”- Amanda McCallum, Ezylec Electrical Services
“Our cashflow has improved incredibly! We just did not have the time to constantly be chasing people with phone calls and emails for payment of their invoices.”- Carmel Brundrett, JSP Partners
“Debtor Daddy has seriously changed the way we do business! I am now in a positive cashflow position and don't have to stress about settling bills at the end of the month. I can recommend this service to any business!”- Justyn Spinner, SpinnerCom Media
“We have only been using Debtor Daddy for a few months and already can see a big improvement in our cashflow. Very easy to use and recommend this service to any business.”- Lisa Dugmore, North Canterbury Tyre Services

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Our friendly, dedicated professionals make those difficult calls on your behalf



When all else fails, escalate to professional debt collection in a single click

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Is my accounting data safe?

Yes. Your Debtor Daddy data is backed up daily and data transmission is secured by industry standard 128-bit encryption. Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon EC2 and has been audited and tested by third-party security experts.

Can Debtor Daddy make changes to my accounting data?

No. Debtor Daddy only reads data from your accounting software, it does not make any changes to it.

How often is information synchronised with my accounting software?

Once a day at around midnight. Or you can manually sync at any time.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time (although we don’t give refunds for any remaining days on your subscription).

Creatives and Digital Agencies was last modified: May 28th, 2020 by matt
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