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Reducing debtors with laser precision

Brendon Adams, owner of the Laser Electrical Blenheim is proud of the commitment and steps his business has taken to become eco-friendly. As reflected in their superb reputation in the local area and fantastic customer service, you can easily see that in Brendon’s business they have a high level of passion for their job.

Brendon Adams is a busy guy; balancing a life as a business owner, family man and sportsperson. With so many things going on in his life both inside and outside work, the last thing that Brendon wanted was to have to chase up debtors.

After a year of using, the Debtor Daddy add-on has provided a miraculous turnaround – with 100% improvement in debt recovery for the first month alone!

Super results, super fast

One month, 100% improvement. Where else do you get those sort of results? To make it more impressive – 1 year ago, Laser Electrical Blenheim had well over $200k of outstanding debt. currently, that sits at a little below $100k.

Just imagine having an extra hundred thousand dollars to use toward core business activities and investments that you would usually write off!

Not just in numbers

Debtor Daddy also showed a large gap in an area that Laser Electrical Blenheim never expected – a high percentage of people weren’t paying simply because they had a question about their account.

“In the past most of these customers never contacted us to discuss any issues, they just simply didn’t pay. We only found out once we rang them, manually chasing the debt.”

Customers with queries now find it easier to ring Laser Electrical Blenheim straight away, instead of Brendon and the team making contact to ask for payment. Direct contact usually would have occurred well down the track when the team had time to do a chase up phone call. Implementing Debtor Daddy means that adjustments to accounts are made in a far more timely manner, customers get a clearer idea about their statements and payments are more likely to be made.

Naturally, there will always be people who don’t pay on time. But the way that Debtor Daddy has been incorporated with Laser Electrical Blenheim’s Xero account means that it is simple to get payment data on specific customers, take note of who has become a serial debtor and efficiently deal with these people in a fun and easy way.

“Let’s be honest, who really loves the job of doing the ring around?”

With Debtor Daddy, all the information you need to deal with the call is only ever a couple of clicks away.

The future for Laser Electrical Blenheim

Laser Electrical Blenheim now has a part-time freelance debt collector. She takes a load off Brendon’s shoulders as far as work goes, and can access all the information she needs to do her job, from anywhere, at any time. Ultimately reducing the cost in terms of both time and money.

“Debtor Daddy has given me more time to do what I do best. Collecting debt was not what I signed up for.”

Not only is Brendon a happy user of Debtor Daddy, but he is a strong advocate for others to give it a go and experience cost cutting.

“I had the opportunity recently to speak in front of the entire Laser Group about our experience with Debtor Daddy. There was well over 500 delegates at our international conference from both New Zealand and Australia.”

And how did he find this?

“For me it was an easy sell. The numbers don’t lie.”


Debtor Daddy politely and persistently reminds your customers to pay. Set-up takes just three minutes, then with just a few clicks, Debtor Daddy is on the job. When an invoice is due, relax. Debtor Daddy follows up with perfectly crafted email reminders that get results, meaning you can get back to what you love.  

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  • Date May 20, 2015
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