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Businesses love Debtor Daddy

Debtor Daddy has helped get over $1.5 billion dollars’ of overdue invoices paid to businesses around the world.

Ark. Advance

Before Debtor Daddy, Ark. Advance managed their debtors on a day-to-day basis but this year’s challenges prompted the company to rethink about its debtor management so it could be a process that could be bolted in from customer on-boarding to payment.

Sports Accounting Australia

By transferring their accounts receivable management to Debtor Daddy, SAA has been able to take on more clients and grow their business.

Kendons Chartered Accountants

When Kendons’ Practice Manager, Liz Eveleigh, flagged that the company’s 90+ day debts had blown out to $250,000, she knew something needed to be done.

Geek IT deals with difficult debts

Geek IT had debts dating back 2 – 3 years, with a handful of particularly difficult customers. Using Collect, Debtor Daddy’s debt collection feature, one of these debts was paid back within 10 days. Tonia chats to us about her experience with Collect.


SolarQuotes’ fast growth meant invoices got neglected. And before long, cash got tight. Debtor Daddy helped the SolarQuotes team get on top of the situation. Now there’s an extra $118,000 in the bank, and happy prompt paying customers.

Polite Promotions

With aged receivables causing "major headaches", Polite Promotions turned to Debtor Daddy to automate the invoice chasing process, dramatically improving the company's cashflow and heralding a significant improvement in client relationships.

WINK Models

Before Debtor Daddy, Taryn and Sandra would spend hours each week just chasing up debtors – a task no one wants to do. They now have five extra hours each week for their core business activities, that’s an extra hour each week day.


Debt collection used to be an exhaustive process at GoFi8ure. For each overdue client, four to six phone calls were being made by the BDM. Debtor Daddy changed all that, reducing debtor calling time by half and freeing up significant cashflow.


As can be expected, by spending time making phone calls and sending emails for overdue invoices, Hopco was experiencing decreased efficiency. Chasing accounts became a low priority unless cashflow problems started to rear their head.

Laser Electrical

The way Debtor Daddy has been incorporated with Laser Electrical Blenheim’s Xero account means that it's simple to get payment data on specific customers, take note of who has become a serial debtor and deal with those people in an efficient way.

Planting OZ

As with any new business, Planting OZ believe that time is precious. Debtor Daddy has resulted in faster payments, and slashed the time Director Guill Loza had previously been spending chasing up debtors.
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Case studies was last modified: August 4th, 2021 by matt
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