Nov 08

Late payment reduces small business confidence to grow

Three quarters of small and medium sized UK builders say that late payment has directly hampered their business growth according to a recent Federation of Master Builders survey. According to the survey: 30% have had to delay payment to suppliers, 20% say late payments have stopped them from having the confidence to... read more →
Nov 07

That awkward conversation about unpaid invoices

If you're in the service business there's very little separation between you as a human, and your services as a professional. So when it's time to get paid, things can become a bit awkward, especially when your invoices fall past due. Your invoice is the 'moment of truth' A common... read more →
Sep 22
Aug 17
Jul 06

How a telco spent less on collections and got better results

I recently sat down with the head of the collections department at a major telco. He had some interesting learnings to share about their approach to collections. The most striking thing was how they actually scaled back their efforts (people & costs) in order to maximise their effectiveness and improve... read more →
Jul 01

Small businesses get the payment terms they deserve

Big business has worn a lot of blame recently for using small businesses as a 'cheap form of finance'. But that's not the full story because every week we talk to small businesses that are too lazy, too disorganised or too busy to enforce their payment terms. What I'm saying is that some of the time the... read more →
Jun 20
Stop fighting late payment fires in your business.

Stop fighting late payment fires, create the business you want

If there's one thing I've learned from running a business over the past 10 years is that it often involves doing things you don't like... chasing late payment, dealing with angry customers, fixing your server, not to mention all the admin. You're constantly dealing with issues: Team issues Tax issues... read more →
May 17

Easy actions to get your invoices paid faster

In our survey to over 150 small businesses respondents said the number one influence for paying bills on time was how satisfied they felt with the product or service provided. What they're really saying is if they feel like they got value for money then paying the bill was no problemo! But what if your product... read more →
Apr 05

4 Reasons Cash Flow is Still King

That old chestnut ‘cash is king’ is oft-repeated (and repeated and repeated) for good reason. After all, it’s the single best measure of your business's health so managing its cyclical ebb and flow is crucial to your long term (and perhaps short term) success. Make no mistake, when businesses fail... read more →
Mar 23