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Make getting paid 10x easier

Automate your collections process from invoiced to paid.
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Automate everything
Get paid up to 2x faster by automating much more of your process.
Reduce your admin
Eliminate repetitive admin tasks and get the job done in half the time.
Avoid friction
Take a more personalised approach and keep your customers happy.


Create your perfect process

Workflows make it easy to automate and personalize your collection process across multiple communication channels.
  • Trigger emails, SMS or phone calls.
  • Set automatic or manual approvals.
  • Start with our best practice templates.
  • Personalize your reminders.
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Gain more visibility and control

The Accounts screen gives you a birds-eye view of your receivables, making it easy to see where each account is at.
  • Filter by age or workflow.
  • Take additional action if required.
  • Pause, send, resume reminders.
  • Assign customers to new workflows.


Get up to speed faster

The dashboard makes it easy to get up to speed fast with your key metrics and a feed of recent activity.
  • Track debtors by age bracket.
  • Monitor your Debtor Days trend.
  • Be alerted of disputes and queries.
  • See notes entered by your team.


Save time on every call

Call Console is your ultimate receivables management tool. Get through your queue 2x faster with less effort.
  • Your calls are scheduled automatically.
  • Be more prepared for every call.
  • Resend invoices in a click.
  • Sync notes with your other apps.
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Escalate in a click

With integrated Debt Collection services it’s easy to engage the professionals with zero forms to fill out.
  • Collection partners in US/UK/AU/NZ.
  • No win, no fee.
  • Receive regular updates on progress.
  • Get advice for difficult cases.


Apply for invoice finance

See which invoices are eligible for finance and what the fees will be, then apply online.
  • Get the cash next business day.
  • Repay early, without penalty fees.
  • Fund up to 90% of each invoice.
  • No ongoing fees.

* Powered by FundTap. Only available to customers in New Zealand and Australia.

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Introducing Call Console

Everything about Call Console is designed to save time and help you get through your queue faster.
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AR Software was last modified: November 29th, 2021 by Lucy Pink
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AR Software was last modified: November 29th, 2021 by Lucy Pink
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